At Bogart Lingerie (Thailand), Ltd., they believe that innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability. Their commitment to the environment is evident in both larger initiatives, such as the planning of implementing solar rooftop panels on the facility, and in details such as equipping all sewing machines with energy-efficient servo motors, that help reduce energy consumption during the entire production process.

Established in 2005, their state-of-the-art facility holds certifications such as WRAP, GSV, GOTS, and SLCP. The facility also received the ISO 14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems that demonstrates an organisation's commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible management of its environmental impact. Additionally, they adhere to the Higg FEM framework, a process specifically tailored to the textile and apparel industry that involves a self-assessment process, where a company evaluates its environmental practices, from energy and water usage to waste management and chemical handling.

At Bogart, the top priority, however, is the workers. They’re committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical treatment for the employees and they provide a comprehensive package of employee benefits, including a free shuttle bus service to facilitate the daily commute, an annual employee party, as well as limiting overtime to a maximum of 12 hours/week.

Making molded and wired bras requires an enormous amount of skill – so finding a partner that has this ability and shares our values and commitment to the environment can be tricky. In Bogart Lingerie (Thailand), Ltd., we found a partner whose commitment to quality and sustainability, innovative use of high-tech equipment, and care for both the planet and their employees, made them an easy – and sustainable – choice.

Meet the makers

behind the basics

Meet the makers

behind the basics

We love paying our partners a visit to learn more about how they apply their knowledge and expertise to the construction of every single garment.

Molding the basics

The workers carefully select suitable materials to create the cup shape. The desired cup shape is then cut, using precision cutting machines to ensure consistency and accuracy. Afterwards, the pieces are subjected to the molding process which involves shaping them into a three-dimensional cup form.

The process of constructing molded cups for bras involves shaping a piece of fabric, made from a supportive material such as foam, into a three-dimensional cup shape that provides structure, support, and contouring to the bust. The molding process can be done using various methods, including heat molding, compression molding, or injection molding, depending on the materials and manufacturing techniques used.

Manufacturing underwear, in comparison to other products, comes with its own set of unique challenges. The combination of precise fit, comfort, and support required, can make molded and wired bras, in particular, challenging to produce to the highest standards. At Bogart, their level of innovation and craftsmanship, as well as their sourcing of carefully selected, high-quality fabrics and materials, leads to a final product that is expertly made, without having compromised their commitment to the environment.

The bra cups are carefully inspected to ensure they meet Bogart’s high-quality standards. Once they pass quality control, they are integrated into the bra’s design and attached to the bra’s frame and fabric.

The molding process is critical in underwear manufacturing because it contributes to the fit, support, and comfort of bras, especially those with underwire or molded cup designs. At Bogart Lingerie (Thailand), Ltd. they incorporate sustainability into every step of this process, from sourcing the energy to the materials chosen, the machines used, and the final waste management.

Bogart Lingerie (Thailand), Ltd., Bang Sao Thong District, Thailand
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  • Overtime

    Max. 12h/weekly overtime

  • Employee benefits

    Free shuttle bus service, annual company party

  • Certification & Audits

    WRAP, GSV, GOTS, SLCP, Higg FEM, ISO 14001:2015