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Underwear, activewear and everyday women’s essentials made in organic and recycled materials.
Underwear, activewear and everyday men’s essentials - designed to last.
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The fashion industry is dirty - but it can be better. We constantly search for better innovation, we have a visionary use of sustainable materials - and a continued focus on ethical production.

We’ve said goodbye to carbon

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  • Refinery29

    "Ultimate photo-worthy bare essentials"

  • Highsnobiety

    "21 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands Actually Worth Buying"

  • BuzzFeed

    "Wearing them for a week straight, proved that silver infused underwear do in fact kill bacteria"

  • BuzzFeed

    "High tech, eco-friendly underwear"

  • BuzzFeed

    "Handy if you’re on the road for a while"

  • BuzzFeed

    "Hardworking underwear"

  • BuzzFeed

    "You can wear your bacteria-killing underwear for longer (yes really) without needing to put them through an environmentally unfriendly hot cycle"

  • BuzzFeed

    "戦場で1週間履き続 けても、臭わないブリーフ"

  • BuzzFeed

    "Super comfortable everyday undergarments"

  • BuzzFeed

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Organic Basics, an eco-friendly Danish brand"

Yoga wear made
from recycled materials

Save up to 20%
with men’s packs

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Triangle Bra

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Boxers 2-pack

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Lite Tee

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