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To plant over 130,000m2 of wildflowers
- helping restore habitat for bees and other pollinators.
Committed in November 2019.
Action to be taken in spring 2020.

The Project

In November 2019 we committed to planting over 130,000m2 of wildflowers — helping to restore habitat for bees and other pollinators. We did this by committing to plant 50m2 of wild-flowers for every order placed over the Black Friday weekend.

Pollinators like bees are fundamental to our ecosystem. They pollinate over 80% of the world’s plants and food crops. But habitat destruction, insecticide usage, global warming and the development of monocultures is threatening their populations and our natural habitat.

We’ve partnered with Danmarks Naturfredningsforening and we’ll be planting over 30 acres of wildflowers in Spring this year together with them— helping to restore habitat for pollinators around Denmark and Europe. We’ll be getting our hands dirty and volunteering our time to plant the flowers, too.

Supported projects

  • Nordic Ocean Watch
    Nordic Ocean Watch

    Dedicated to taking care of our oceans

  • WWF©

    Repairing our modern agricultural system

  • Amazon Watch
    Amazon Watch

    Supporting communities in the Amazon

  • Green Kayak
    Green Kayak

    Cleaning up trash in local waterways

  • Rewilding Europe
    Rewilding Europe

    Making Europe a wilder and more biodiverse place

Application form

Our application process for 2021 is closed until further notice. Our 1% for the Planet commitment is going to WWF© this year, to support our 3-year commitment for regenerative cotton farming in Turkey.