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To remove plastic from waterways
Donation made in 2018. Green Kayak is still active.

The Project

Our oceans and waterways are drowning in plastic — so we put together funding to support a local clean up organisation called The Green Kayak in November 2018.

The Green Kayak is a non-profit organisation aimed at reducing the amount of plastic and trash in local waterways around Europe. They do so by allowing people to use the kayaks for free, so long as they spend their time picking up trash in the canals, rivers and lakes around them.

So far they’ve collected over 20 tonnes and our donation is able to support the work of three more kayaks. These kayaks will go on to collect at least 30 tonnes of trash.

Supported projects

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    Danmarks Naturfredningsforening

    Restoring habitat for pollinators

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    Amazon Watch

    Supporting communities in the Amazon

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    Rewilding Europe

    Making Europe a wilder and more biodiverse place

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