Student Front-End / WordPress Developer

We are looking for a kick-ass, ambitious and experienced front-end developer that wants to join a high-paced, goal-oriented team of entrepreneurs with user-experience, conversion, solutions and growth as key success parameters.

You must have a solid understanding of front-end development and the skillset required. We are currently running a WooCommerce site with loads of cool features in the product road map. We will allow you to use your knowledge and skillset within developing, solution-oriented thinking and your user-experience best practices.

You will in this position become an essential brick of improving and developing our company’s online presence together with our team. An ideal candidate will have previous experience working with WordPress / WooCommerce, and coding with: MySQL/PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and APIs.

The position is approximately 15 hours/week, but we’re flexible as long as we can see the mutual benefit of the agreement – and see the perfect match.

What can we offer?

You get the chance to become part of creating the world’s best basics brand through sustainability and the use of innovative and organic materials combined with an extremely convenient purchase. We’re offering you a dynamic and demanding place of work, where you get the chance to grow personally and professionally. Our offices are in the heart of Aarhus, and you will always experience new people coming in and out of the co-working place.

We just created the most funded clothing crowdfunding campaign in Scandinavia and got pre-orders for more than 1.000.000 DKK. We expect to grow our revenue with more than 400% in 2016 and we have ambitions to match that growth in 2017 as well. We have an extremely ambitious advisory board, including business people with experience in running billion kroner companies. Thus you might be able to become one of the first employees in an already successful start-up and potential Gazelle company.


– Previous experience working with WordPress / WooCommerce
– Fluency in HTML/CSS, MySQL/PHP, JavaScript.
– You are extremely well structured and solution-oriented.
– A passion for solving problems and proposing elegant solutions.
– You are able to work independently and responsibly.
– User-experienced oriented mindset.

Please send an application to alexander@organicbasics.com with the subject; “FRONT-END DEVELOPER” with your CV and portfolio.