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  • WWF©

    Repairing our
    modern agricultural system.

Convert 30,000m² of land from conventional cotton farming into regenerative cotton farming.
Committed in November 2020. Action is taking place from 2020 – 2022.

The Project

Since the industrial revolution, the way that we produce food and clothing has been damaging our ecosystem — and contributing up to a third of global carbon emissions. Together with WWF-Turkey, we are implementing regenerative agriculture practices to rebuild healthy soil and draw more carbon down from the atmosphere.

Supported projects

  • Nordic Ocean Watch
    Nordic Ocean Watch

    Dedicated to taking care of our oceans

  • Danmarks Naturfredningsforening
    Danmarks Naturfredningsforening

    Restoring habitat for pollinators

  • Amazon Watch
    Amazon Watch

    Supporting communities in the Amazon

  • Green Kayak
    Green Kayak

    Cleaning up trash in local waterways

  • Rewilding Europe
    Rewilding Europe

    Making Europe a wilder and more biodiverse place

Application form

Our application process for 2021 is closed until further notice. Our 1% for the Planet commitment is going to WWF© this year, to support our 3-year commitment for regenerative cotton farming in Turkey.