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Color: Camel
This has a total carbon footprint of 3.6kg CO2-eq
Free CO2 neutral worldwide shipping available
Crewneck, slightly cropped, knitted sweater made with 100% recycled merino wool.
  • Boxy style knitted sweater
  • Made from pre-consumer textile waste that would otherwise go to landfills
  • Soft feel and designed to keep you warm all winter

Virgin wool has a costly environmental impact – from the vast amount of land it takes to raise sheep, to the water and chemical usage during production and dyeing – it’s not the most Earth-friendly fabric. But recycled wool is different since the dyeing process is cut entirely – saving water and chemicals and eliminating wastewater entirely. * 100% recycled merino wool * Hand wash only. Do not tumble dry

Total carbon footprint
3.6kg CO2-eq
Impact Along the Supply Chain
0.77kg CO2-eq
0.7kg CO2-eq
1.63kg CO2-eq
0.08kg CO2-eq
0.43kg CO2-eq
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